"Being a new author, I was a little weary about picking a freelance editor. Going in with the preconceived notion that all editors are out to change your manuscript completely, but that is not the case with Marcie Turner from Looking Glass Editing. Her main focus was to help me polish my work, not change it. She was easy to work with and very prompt with editing and revisions. She helped me prefect my craft in ways I never would have thought of and my novel is all the more better for it. I can’t imagine a better editor and I will be using her for all of my editing needs."

 ~ Pyxi Rose author of The Ninth Taghairm: Redemption

"Marcie Turner's editing has saved my manuscript. When others cringed at the thought of a political book, she rolled up her sleeves and said "Lets work." Her notes made me laugh and actually taught me things about writing that I never learned in English classes. I highly recommend her for any project."

~Magan Vernon, author of the international best seller, The Only Exception

"Marcie edited my book Coffee and Cockpits in a very quick timeframe and worked with me when I was running behind. Her comments were helpful and she helped catch a lot of errorrs. I'd recommend Marcie for all types of editing."
~Jade Hart author of Coffee and Cockpits

"While copyediting my manuscript, Marcie made numerous suggestions that went beyond my expectations and demonstrated her attention to detail.She tightened the text, pointed out discrepancies, and smoothed out the overall flow of my book. Looking Glass Publishing has the most reasonable rates I’ve come across when searching the web for copyediting services AND Marcie returned my finished manuscript early, which is always a bonus. I look forward to using her services again!"
~Nikki Jefford author of  Enchantment

“Marcie Turner is a phenomenal editor! From the moment I contacted her about editing A Daughter of Isis, she demonstrated her excitement and commitment to my work. I admire her extensive knowledge of grammar and word usage, and her edits, comments, and questions helped to improve my debut novel. Additionally, Marcie is extremely supportive and whenever I need her, whether it be to look over a new passage or answering a question, she makes herself available to me. If you’re an author looking for an amazing editor, Marcie has my highest recommendation. I honestly can’t wait to work with her again.”
~Kesley Ketch, author of Daughter of Isis

"I had another editor prior to Looking Glass Editing, and let's just say what a relief it was to come across Marcie's fabulous service. I'm an indie author and finding a good quality editor at a decent price was hard. Through a fellow author, I found Looking Glass, and I'm so happy I did. The turnaround time is amazing, the price is fabulous, and the editing notes are clear and thorough. It's also very nice to have such great feedback on a manuscript. Marcie is very positive, and even when you write something not-so-great she words her comments in a way that is professional, yet positive. I highly recommend Looking Glass Editing!"
~Victoria Smith, author of The Space Between

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